Spokane Treatment and Recovery Services (STARS) is a non-profit behavioral health agency that has been serving our community since 1980. We offer multiple services and levels of care to address the needs of our clients in every stage of their treatment. Our highly skilled substance use disorder and mental health professionals work together with the client to develop a unique and individualized service plan that treats the whole person using evidence-based practices.


STARS offers a variety of positions for compassionate people who want to make a difference. Positions exist for certified and noncertified employees, and we provide supervision for those seeking certifications. As a co-occurring facility, employees gain experience in both mental health and substance use disorder treatments. For information about our current openings, click the button below or email our Human Resources Manager, Chelsea, at cthulean@spokanerecovery.org.

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Our Team

Ryan Kent

Interim Executive Director

Ryan joined the STARS team in 2014. He discovered his passion for helping individuals struggling with substance use disorders in 2009 while working as a Life Skills Coach at Fresh Start, a treatment facility located just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. While there, he became a Registered Addiction Specialist and held many positions from Withdrawal Specialist to Senior Director of Rehabilitation. Prior to moving into his current role, Ryan  worked as the Sobering Services Supervisor, a Behavioral Health Technician, Hospital Diversion Case Manager, and Director of Operations.

When Ryan isn’t in the office or connecting with the healthcare community, it’s a safe bet you can find him on the river fly fishing, or up in the mountains snowboarding.

Eric Deno, SUDP

Director of SUD Services

Eric has been with STARS since 2014 and holds an AAS degree in Addiction Studies from SFCC. Eric has held nearly every position in the Withdrawal Management Program, which gives him a unique insight into the needs of his team and the patients they serve. Eric loves being proactive and working with the community to problem solve behavioral health needs for our most vulnerable and underserved populations.

In his free time, Eric enjoys watching sports, playing basketball and spending time with his family.

Angela Scheres LMHC, SUDP, MHP

Clinical Director of Mental Health Services

Angela rejoined Spokane Treatment & Recovery Services in 2023 to provide supervision to clinical staff. She previously spent five years with the organization at Karen’s House, then IOP. She received her BA in Psychology from Gonzaga University, an MA from Whitworth University, and an MS from Sam Houston State University.  Angela is currently working on a doctorate in psychology.

She spent almost 20 years in animal welfare, and loves hanging out with her furry friends.

Chelsea Thulean

Director of Human Resources

Chelsea joined the STARS team in February 2022. She started as the receptionist  and worked her way in to the Human Resources role. Chelsea gets the opportunity to serve the  employees of STARS who are serving the community, something she is very passionate about. She is currently finishing up her bachelor’s degree in Health Psychology at EWU with a minor in communication.

Chelsea enjoys floating the river, spending time with her dog, and anything that involves sunshine!

Shallon Crossley

Senior Accountant

Shallon joined the STARS team as the Senior Accountant in 2022. Shallon holds a bachelor’s degree in both Accounting and Business Administration. Having a background in not-for-profit operations and accounting is a great strength to the company. Shallon’s love for inclusion and learning keeps her proactive in working towards the goal of financial understanding at STARS.

Shallon grew up here in the PNW. Her free time is spent enjoying the fresh air, taking in beautiful sights, and any adventure that may arise. In the summer, you might even catch her navigating through Spokane on her motorcycle! Shallon has a passion to serve which fits in perfectly with the STARS mission.

Joseph C Peloso III, SUDP

Hospital Diversion Program Manager

Joseph has been an employee of STARS since July 2005. He began as a Sobering Technician and has worn many hats over the years, such as Discharge Planner, Sobering Supervisor, and Case Manager prior to landing in his current position as Program Manager of Hospital Diversion Services. Joseph is currently working on finishing his degree in Addiction Studies and plans to continue his education at Whitworth University studying Public Service Administration.

Joseph enjoys hiking, biking, working out, rafting, water skiing, wave runners, self-care, and spending time with family and friends.

Brittany Wheeler, BA, SUDP

Cub House Clinical Supervisor/Program Manager

Brittany joined the STARS team in October 2021. She currently holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Addiction Studies and a Graduate Certificate in Contemporary Theory in Mental Health Services, while also working towards her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Brittany has been a licensed Substance Use Disorder Professional since 2015 and has loved every minute in the field. She has worked with an array of clients from outpatient to intensive inpatient, as well as the incarcerated population. Her passion for this field comes from wanting to help individuals develop in their potential and progress to be the person they want to become in recovery and to learn more about themselves in the process. Through her passion and dedication in the field she has been able to increase her knowledge and experience, leading her to the opportunity to work at Cub House as the Program Director/Clinical Supervisor.

Brittany is a dog-mom of 3 who occupy most of her free time. She enjoys hiking, camping, traveling, and adventuring during her free time. She is also committed to continuing to learn and improve herself both at and outside of work.

Heidi Olson-Phillips, SUDP

Karen's House Program Manager and Clinical Supervisor

Heidi joined STARS in 2021 as an SUDPT at Karen’s House. She quickly fell in love with working in a recovery house to help women in recovery envision a better future for themselves. She approaches the work she does with compassion and curiosity. She is a proud graduate of Eastern Washington University with a BA in Addiction Studies.

Heidi is married with two dog-children and enjoys cycling, traveling, and everything that the Spokane community has to offer.

Maria Korneychuk LMHCA, SUDP, MHP

Co-Occurring Therapist

Maria is a Co-Occurring Therapist in the IOP program and has been serving clients at STARS since 2015. She received her BS in Counseling, Educational and Developmental Psychology from Eastern Washington University and her MA in Social and Behavioral Health from Whitworth University. Maria has a passion for helping individuals navigate through their life experiences and maintain long-term recovery goals.

Maria enjoys traveling around the USA and the world whenever she gets a chance and loves spending time outdoors.


Co-Occurring Clinician

Camille is one of our Co-Occurring Therapists for our IOP program. Camille joined STARS in 2021 as an intern from EWU. She holds a master’s degree in Social Work and addiction studies as well as an undergraduate degree from WSU in criminal justice. Camille is grateful that STARS provides her with the opportunity to serve the underserved and advocate for those who are not able to advocate for themselves. She is EMDR trained and uses trauma focused and client centered approaches to guide individuals through recovery.

Camille is a cat mom of three and loves spending time with them as well as her friends and family. Camille has a thirst for knowledge and strives to continue to learn new skills both at and outside of work.

Jackie Ford, SUDP

IOP Counselor

Jackie has been with STARS since 2005 with a 2 yr. break in between. Jackie holds an AAS degree in Chemical Dependency Professional studies from SFCC. Jackie started in the Sobering Unit and also worked in the Detox and soon became in charge of the Veterans program working with the Substance abuse director at the VA in Spokane WA.   When the program ended Jackie worked at Karen’s house. Jackie loves working for STARS where she can utilize her compassion and empathy for the people we serve.

Jackie loves to spend her free time with her family/grandchildren going to the lakes swimming, paddle boarding or camping, sitting around the fire or hopping on a plane, seeing the wonders of the ocean, and Mountains as well.

Jon Chapman, BA, SUDP

IOP Intake Coordinator/Co-occurring Clinician

Jon spent the first fifteen years of his career with STARS, dedicated the next five years to working with adolescents to address substance use disorders, and is thrilled to rejoin the STARS team as the IOP Intake Coordinator. Jon is a Substance Use Disorder Professional who is slowly working towards a master’s degree in professional mental health counseling. He is dedicated to lifelong learning and feels blessed to have two decades working in the field that has gifted him with experience that cannot be taught. Jon believes that working with the co-occurring community has allowed him to answer his vocational calling. He is consistently inspired by and constantly appreciative of the individuals he’s had the opportunity to work with over the past 20 years. Jon is ever grateful to the teachers and employers who have accompanied and instructed him during his wonderful journey.

Jon is a proud father and happy husband who enjoys spending time with his family. He is one of those odd Pacific Northwesterner’s who rides his bike all year through all seasons. Jon recharges by communing with nature. Jon’s guiding values are love, empathy, justice, and growth.

Board of Directors


Stacey Chay

Vice President and Interim President

Program Director/Senior Lecturer

Eastern Washington University

Brandy Singer

Board Member

Clinical Pharmacist

Eastern State Hospital, DSHS, BHA

Shad St. Paul


Behavioral Health Program Manager

Spokane Tribe of Indians

Vincent Cardiel


Community Reentry Services Manager

Juvenile Rehabilitation Region 1 Department of Children, Youth, and Families

Anne Raven

Board Member

Integrated Medical Services Manager

Spokane Fire Department

Caitlin Halterman

Board Member

Mental Health Counselor, LICSWA

Family Essentials Counseling